World Bee Day should be every day says Mid North Coast Amateur Beekeepers Association

Like a Field Day – Open Day with the MNCABA in Coffs Harbour.


BEES will become a world focus on May 20 as the stars of World Bee Day but as Monica Rich, Secretary of the Mid North Coast Amateur Beekeepers Association (MNCABA) said, “Bee Day is every day”.

The Coffs Harbour based MNCABA is a thriving resource for anyone interested in bees, bee keeping and/or a bee business.

Monica told News Of The Area, “The association’s activities are mainly about our monthly meetings, the legal need to manage hives and how the club assists members to build knowledge and skills in this regard.

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“There’s also the social interaction and sharing with like-minded people.

“Lots of information is discussed.

“Issues are brainstormed and there are some experienced beekeepers who will assist members in the community.”

Open Days are held at members’ homes where they open their hives to the group, and the format is like a field day.

Up to 50 might attend (bee suits are provided if you haven’t got one) and everyone is made welcome; to learn and experience all things bees.

“A lot of people are getting into the stingless bees – especially schools – and they are just as effective, often getting into the smaller flowers to pollinate better than the larger European honeybees,” said Monica.

“But the stingless bees can only travel 500 meters whereas the European honeybee can travel five kilometres.”

“People ask all sorts of questions, such as our perspective on flow hives, how to open and operate a bee business, and disease issues.”

MNCABA offers workshops, hive checks and overall education.

“They learn that they can’t just set up a hive and turn on the tap and honey will flow out,” said Monica.

The date of World Bee Day, May 20, is the birth date in 1734 of pioneer beekeeper, Anton Janša.

The purpose of Bee Day is to acknowledge the role of bees and other pollinators for the ecosystem.

The theme in 2021 is “Bee Engaged” and inspires a focus on bee-keeping awareness and the importance of bee-derived products.



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