World War Two Memorial Trees Set For Removal At Scotts Head

Scotts Head Memorial Pines showing declining state of health. One to be removed and the other to be severely pruned.


THE Scotts Head community are upset about the proposed removal of WW2 Memorial Trees in the Little Bay area.

News Of The Area spoke with Moira Ryan from Scotts Head Dune Care who stated she first noticed the now dead tree looking poorly about 18 months ago.

Moira said, “Dune Care raised funds to replant, and the community was generous, we planted 100 plants in the area December 2020, and there are very few of those left.”

An arborist report compiled by ArborSite shows a clear timeline for the dieback of the Norfolk Island Araucarias with two trees being identified as high priority risk.

In September 2020 it was reported that the trees were in a significantly reduced state of health with old axe cuts, and a small amount of epicormic growth.

There were remedial measures recommended to promote epicormic growth (when dormant buds underneath the bark of the tree are stimulated, through stress into new growth).

It is unclear if these works were carried out.

Although the local community feel the area has been poisoned, and the axe marks to the trees seem to lead in that direction there has been no recent proof that this has occurred.

In an email sent to the Scotts Head Community Group, Mark Martin, Operations Manager for Reflections stated, “The soils in four areas across the reserve have been tested and there is no evidence to suggest soil contamination, poison residue or lack of nutrients are the cause of the trees demise.”

In May 2021 ArborSite reported that one of the pines is dead and earmarked for removal, and the other, while stable at present, is in considerably reduced health, and will be pruned back to eliminate any risk to users of the reserve.

News Of The Area will be meeting with community members later next week to get further information on this distressing situation.



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