Young family ‘pay it forward’ to birthday couple, Fingal Bay residents, Kate Triscott and Alan Triscott

Kate and Alan Triscott.
Kate and Alan Triscott.


IT was certainly a happy birthday celebration this month for husband and wife team, Kate and Alan Triscott, who share the same birthday.

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Kate Triscott aged 95 and Alan Triscott aged 91 both have their birthdays on the same day, and have always enjoyed celebrating this special fact.

They decided to celebrate by having lunch at the recently re-opened restaurant at the Fingal Beach Lifesaving Club.

Kate and Alan were given a lovely table by the window, overlooking the surf beach next to a young couple and their two children.

Alan told News Of The Area, “We had never seen the couple or their family beforehand, and had no contact with them during the meal.”

The young waitress at the cafe was interested to hear the story behind Kate and Alan’s celebration and took a photo of Alan and Kate to show her boss.

She then left to process the lunch order.

After a while the couple next to them finished their meal with their children and left.

The waitress returned with the the Triscott’s meals, only to inform them that the young family near them had heard their lovely story, and had paid for the drinks and meals of the birthday couple.

Alan said, “It was just such a lovely thing to have happen, we couldn’t believe it.”

“We know the family wanted to remain anonymous, but thought by telling our story that our thanks and gratitude might somehow find them.”

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