50th Anniversary for Tim and Daphne Motum

Tim and Daphne Motum recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a celebration with family and friends at Benchmark on Booner.

Daphne and Tim Motum celebrate their special day.
Daphne and Tim Motum celebrate their special day.

Having spent nearly all his life in Tea Gardens, Tim grew up in an Oyster Farming family before leaving home for the big smoke.

Tim returned home when his father became ill at sixteen years of age to help and eventually take over the family Oyster business.

During this time, Tim built the iconic Oyster Hut on Marine Drive before getting out of the Oyster game in 1989 and starting Tea Gardens Home Plan Service after his training as a designer and draftsperson.

Daphne is well known locally after having spent twenty seven years in administration at Tea Gardens Public School.

Fifty Years married is a wonderful achievement these days and we congratulate Tim and Daphne on the occasion.

They raised their family in Tea Gardens having two children who have now given the pair four grandchildren.

When asked the secret of a successful marriage, Daphne quickly chipped in with “Good wine, that’s the secret.”

Both Tim and Daphne stated they,”Would not live anywhere else in the world.” displaying a love of our local area and the fact they have lived in the same house for forty eight years.

Well done Tim and Daphne keep up the good work and let’s hope there are many more to celebrate.

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