Community feedback drives changes to design of Coffs Bypass interchanges

Coramba Road Interchange map.

SIMPLIFIED interchanges have been designed for Coffs Harbour bypass with new plans released on Monday 18 September.

The more streamlined design for the interchanges at Coramba Road, Englands Road and Korora Hill are the result of community feedback.

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A Transport for NSW spokesperson said the release of the Detailed Design Consultation Summary report means work can start on these important interchanges.

“We received a strong response to our call for submissions from the public following the release of design refinements in February, with 57 unique submissions and 233 form letter copies, for a total of 290 written submissions,” the spokesperson said.

“We also engaged with 171 people and organisations during eight drop-in sessions between January to February.

“One of the key themes to come from the community consultation was the desire for simplified interchanges, and these have now been included in the detailed design.

“We’re confident the changes will reduce impacts to nearby residents, including noise reduction during construction,” the spokesperson said.

“At the Coramba Road interchange there will be less traffic from heavy and light vehicles.

“The design changes will also mean traffic control on Coramba Road will end almost two years sooner, with most of the construction not on existing roads and less impact on Coffs Creek with less bridge work required.

“Changes to the Englands Road interchange include two small roundabouts to improve safety and traffic flow, while access has been improved with a two-way local service road to improve safety and connectivity.

“To reduce operational noise at Korora Hill interchange, the major on and off ramps have been lowered, making them a similar height to the existing highway, while Bruxner Park Road and James Small Drive are now elevated to an overpass.
“The improvements at the three interchanges also reduce the project’s construction carbon footprint as they require fewer bridges, meaning less truck movements for steel and concrete.”

The project team is developing a Place Design and Landscape Plan (PDLP) and will be seeking community feedback on this plan when it is displayed for public consultation later in 2023.

The consultation summary report is available at


One thought on “Community feedback drives changes to design of Coffs Bypass interchanges

  1. The interchanges have not been simplified – they’re been made cheaper to build. There’s a difference, and it wasn’t driven by community.

    Coramba Road is a prime example – the community called for a simpler, more efficient single roundabout design, but instead the interchange stayed as two roundabouts, but got moved away from the approved location to somewhere cheaper to build, but less efficient for the community to use.

    Same with the single roundabout at Englands Road becoming two roundabouts. Cheaper, but not simpler.

    The builders have ignored community concerns, and imposed changes to the approved designs that will shift costs from the builders, an onto the community through less efficient designs. While the bypass will still be a great improvement, it would have been even better if built to the design approved in the EIS.

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