Huge party at Tea Gardens Country Club for Melbourne Cup race-day celebrations

The impromptu ladies fashion contest was a tough call.

THE BIG Melbourne Cup race-day celebrations were marked by style and great food and company at the Tea Gardens Country Club (TGCC) on Tuesday, 7 November.

Revellers relished the fashion and lavishness of the Bohemian Spirit pre-race fashion show, then the delectable delicacies from across the menu of The Garden Eatery.

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The crispy Lemon Chicken, classic Roast Beef and Roast Duck were alongside the comfort-inducing Massaman Beef Curry, Buttered Garden Vegetables and Creamy Potato Bake, accented by the sweet and filling goodness of the Peking Steak.

Local superstar and celebrity, Jomeca, provided DJ and live singing entertainment for a genuinely enjoyable day out at the Country Club, where glammed-up attendees packed the main room, replete with fascinating fascinators, spurring spontaneous ‘best-dressed’ contests.

Special guests Jenny and Ly, formerly of The Garden Eatery, were welcomed back whole-heartedly, Ly assisted the kitchen while Jenny starred in the pre-race fashion show.

“Every year the TGCC puts on an amazing show, never ceases to amaze me the consistency in what the Club gives to the community, and what the community brings back,” Ly said.

“We miss it, this place will be forever in our hearts,” a sentiment wholly returned by the community.

The big race at 3pm, the reason for it all, saw form guides wielded as final bets were placed, then the room fell silent, all eyes on the big screen in the main room.

Many strong feelings were articulated in not so articulate ways, as the crowd crescendoed as the horses’ rounding into the final straight.

“Who won?” was heard all round, then “…should have gone for ‘Without a Fight’ (the winner)”, and a few people quietly celebrated, to be sure.

Post-race commiserations were quashed by The Garden’s desserts featuring Almond Coffee Cake, Coconut Tarts, and Carrot Cake (a solid favourite).

“Another good turn-up, always a great day, thanks to all staff who did a great job, Jamie and the kitchen staff, and to Jomeca,” said TGCC General Manager Warren Gooley.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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