Is Winda Woppa’s play equipment safe?

Months have passed and with a variety of temporary barricades erected, residents and visitors alike have asked the Nota, “Is the play equipment safe to use?”Winda Woppa play area

After speaking with Great Lakes Council Engineering Department on several occasions the answer seems to be, ’No’.

Andrew Staniland from Great Lakes Council informed Myall Coast News, that a number of issues had been identified and that the equipment should not be used.

“Inspectors have identified finger entrapment and rust issues with the equipment and it has been barricaded to prevent use,” he said.

Although barricades have been erected, children are pulling these barricades down and using the play equipment.

The previous orange mesh has been replaced with bunting that seems to do little to prevent the use.

No signage has accompanied the closure.

At the time of publishing, no timeframe has been given for the upgrade of the equipment to a safe level.

One thought on “Is Winda Woppa’s play equipment safe?

  1. another example of great lakes quality work south of forster..imagine if something like this occurred in forster / tuncurry.
    call them what they are – forster council.
    this is the same council that keeps telling us endlessly how financially sound they are right? cant fix the jetty. cant afford a shelter. can fix play equipment. they can – so long as its in forster / tuncurry.

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