MidCoast Water wants to know how you value water

HEALTH. Life. Community.  Safe.  Purity.  Water – how do you value it? That is the question MidCoast Water wants the community to answer as it prepares to review its long term strategy for managing our area’s water resources.

Postcards featuring a variety of words that convey what water can mean are appearing at cafes, libraries and venues around the district to encourage the community to become part of the discussion about the value of water.

The postcards are an opportunity to share your thoughts on water, and also an invitation from MidCoast Water to become a community correspondent.

Themed postcards inviting feedback will also be available at various locations around MidCoast Water’s service area – including cafes and libraries – for members of the community to fill in and register for ongoing updates.

Correspondents have an important part to play in the review of MidCoast Water’s Our Water Our Future strategy – a 30 year rolling plan that outlines how the organisation will work to manage water resources for generations to come.

Correspondents will be kept up to date with progress on the strategy development and their opinion will be sought at various times throughout the process. Anyone interested in being a correspondent can also sign up online at www.midcoastwater.com.au/ourwaterourfuture

Initially MidCoast Water wants to know what the community thinks is important for water in the region and what the community values about water.

More specific questions will be asked as the review process continues into stage two and three, in which MidCoast Water will look at how the most important issues can be overcome and how the most feasible and desirable actions can be put together to outline a strategy for the future.

One thought on “MidCoast Water wants to know how you value water

  1. water?? oh thats the stuff those not living in the third world have. that and sewer and tv reception and mobile phone reception. sorry there are several thousand of us “serviced” by mid coast and GLC that wouldnt know about those luxuries. fit for the future indeed.

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