OPINION: Offshore wind farm damage will be irreversible

DEAR News Of The Area,

I AM writing to voice my opposition to the planned offshore wind farm in the water off Port Stephens.

I am staggered that the government believes the community was adequately consulted about this.

Very limited notice was given of opportunity to attend a meeting to learn what was being proposed, and most people were unaware of the ‘opportunity’ to attend, let alone that this proposal was on the table at all.

True consultation involves promoting the proposal as well as the opportunity to discuss, with adequate notice.

You have failed in this respect.

My reading on the topic of offshore wind farms is indicating there are many issues associated with them, including that they do not produce as much energy as was originally hoped, they are very costly in terms of ongoing maintenance, and the negative effect on waterways is unacceptable.

At this stage we do not know all the effects the wind farm will have on our whale migration, dolphins, fish and other sea life.

However, we do know some, and that water pollution from these monstrosities is a reality.

Port Stephens is an area known for its pristine waterways.

It very much relies on tourism and fishing industries to survive.

What will become of these when a climb up Mt Tomaree will mean staring at metal eyesores instead of nature, when our sealife is unable to migrate and breed due to the power cables and sound waves?

The majority of our community does not want this wind farm here and had you consulted adequately you would know this.

The biological, visual and financial harm that will be caused will be irreversible.

I urge you to reconsider your decision because I believe you know that is the right thing to do.

Belinda STEWART,
Port Stephens.

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