OPINION: Stolen vehicles, youth crime and insurance

DEAR News Of The Area,

TRY to imagine you have just left work or the shopping centre or wherever and your car has been stolen.

Maybe it’s the only car you or the family own.

Maybe you are a single mum with children who desperately needs to work.

Maybe due to a lack of transport she may lose her job.

Approximately three weeks ago, a nice looking little car was down the embankment opposite the dam on the way to Raymond Terrace.

Obviously stolen.

Two days later, the car was still OK.

The following week wheels went missing, the door was smashed open and police tape around the vehicle.

Finally, after nearly three weeks, the vehicle was smashed and burnt out completely – an utter writeoff.
Why, why wasn’t the owner notified?

Maybe they were.

I am sure our Police are on the ball and are trained to notice these abandoned, stolen vehicles.

I digress – if a bank is robbed and the culprits(s) are caught, it’s possible time spent at His Majesty’s pleasure.

Who knows what the amount is that has been stolen and yet a stolen vehicle could be worth $10,000 or more – no big deal, insurance will pay, of course, less excess.

If the owner has been able to afford the premiums, which may well have increased on renewal.

Some years ago, I had it explained to me the reason vehicles do not rate the same attention as a burglary or robbery.

At that time, the Police believed it was the RTA who were responsible to act on these matters. The RTA thought it was the Police’s responsibility.

As a result, nothing was done, except Police tape was placed around the vehicle which evidently does not deter these low lifes from stripping and burning these vehicles.

So, we have a situation now in regards to youth crime.

Unfortunately, there is no respect for law and order in many cases.

I believe the Police in most cases know the local villains and low lifes but sadly the Courts seem to take pity on those individuals who steal, assault innocent people (no matter whether they are young or old).

We have a drug problem, which is getting worse.

Where are these people getting the money for their drugs – could it be possible that the money is gained because of selling spare parts from stolen vehicles?

Regarding stolen vehicles and insurance – if the Police find the vehicle and the culprits, the excess is wiped.

If not, the insured still must pay the excess.

Do you think this is fair?


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