OPINION: We do not have enough information on Voice

DEAR News Of The Area,

I AM grateful for the explanation by Shayne Fuller of the NIAA.

I had no idea as to its function.

I am a republican at heart but I voted NO in the last referendum and am voting NO in this one too for basically the same reasons.

In the republic referendum we were not given information as to how the republic would work and how the president was to be nominated by the parliament.

Warwick Nichols is happy to let the final details of how the Voice would function to be spelled out by Parliament should a yes vote succeed.

That detail is the responsibility of Parliament.

Having read all the pages of the Uluru statement, obtained information from both SBS TV and online, watched Sky News and read The Australian.

I would rather believe Jacinta Price and Warren Mundine than urban dwellers like Zali Steggall and Julian Leeser.

I want to know the full details of the Voice and its implications before I can agree to it and I certainly would not trust the mob we have in parliament to decide for me.

Kind regards,
David BRUCE,
Tea Gardens.

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