Ron Franks Memorial Day, results and history

There were 160 men and women who took part in the 2015

Ron Franks ANZAC Memorial Golf Day.

Bruce Clayton, (Ray Prigg, Sec. RSL), Janet Moore, Trish Sattler and Steve Sattler.
Bruce Clayton, (Ray Prigg, Sec. RSL), Janet Moore, Trish Sattler and Steve Sattler.

It was a 4 person Ambrose competition.

The event was originally postponed due to the inclement weather and was played on the Thursday of 7 May.

Twelve years ago Ron Franks OAM and Brian Jones initiated ‘The Ron Franks ANZAC Memorial Golf Game’ as part of the ANZAC Day Commemorations.

Brian designed the Perpetual Trophy which was sponsored by Ron and dedicated to his boyhood friend Ron Egleton who as a member of Z forces operating behind enemy lines went missing and was presumed dead.

Sadly, Ron Franks passed away last year and this year he was missed giving his customary speech and presenting his trophy to the winners.

Six months before he died Ron gave Brian some more information he had discovered about his friends death.

For years it had been presumed that Ron Egleton and one other had drowned paddling out to sea to escape a Japanese ambush.

Investigations over the last couple of years had since revealed that Ron Egleton and the other Z Force member had actually made it to another island but were captured by the Japanese.

A Japanese Admiral had subsequently tortured the men trying to get information on the forthcoming Australian/American invasion to liberate Borneo.

Both Australians were executed by decapitation.

At the end of the war the Japanese Admiral, wanted for war crimes returned to Japan killed his wife and three children and them himself to ‘save face’.

Last year the remains of Ron Egleton and his mate were returned to be ceremoniously interred in Australia as befitting these courageous men.

The club was decorated with Australian flags, ANZAC posters and stories of Gallipoli together with hand crocheted poppies & Rosemary.

Brian Jones ran a ‘Probus’ 2-up raffle representing Ron Franks and Ray Prigg from RSL presented the main trophies with meat raffles run by Myall Coast Vets.

The Hawks Nest Golf Club hosted the day, the RSL sub branch Tea Gardens supplied the individual trophies.

Many donations and assistance was made by individuals and groups to make the day a very special event.

The golfing results on the day were: 1st Place  B. Clayton, J. Moore, T & S. Sattler 59.125. 2nd Place C. Bagnall, K. Hewish, M. Mitchell, S. Campton 59.25. 3rd Place B. Collins, R. Richardson, D. & E. Lindstrom 59.625. 4th Place T. Clarke, R. Turnbull, J. Della, J. Sneddon 60. 5th Place T. & N. Thomas, G. & G. Thomas 60.25 c/b.

Balls went down to 63.625.

Rear Guard Prize (Bradman) went to: P. Bathie, R. Willing, I. Lawrence, M. Bismore 71.

NTP Men 10th  Div. 1 F. Bennett Div.2  none, Div. 3 E. Lindstrom.

NTP Men 16th  Div. 1 P. Bathie   Div. 2 J. Della, Div. 3 none.

NTP Ladies 10th none and cards were drawn.

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