Sisters return to Hawks Nest and talk about old times

Five Cessnock sisters returned to Hawks Nest this week to reminisce about past holidays that united and bonded their family over three decades ago.Hawks Nest Family get togehter

“Three of our children and seven of our grand children joined us from as far as Darwin and South Australia,” Dorothy told Myall Coast News when we spoke to her.

“Thirty years ago we bought a caravan whilst other family members had vans and tents.

“Eventually our parents rented a unit at the Lodge and all the family came and went over many happy holidays, including nineteen grandchildren,” recalls Judy.

“Together we swam, surfed, cycled, walked, golfed and shared daily lunches with our grandparents.

“The mothers often escaped for a quiet moment in local coffee shops, mostly unsuccessfully,” said Siandra.

“Our two sons planted the trees that now line the Myall Quays.

“They learnt their business skills here,” said Wendy.

“My daughter was married in the local church”, said Jill, “and we celebrated at the Lodge”.

“My four kids are getting gift vouchers to Oceanside (formerly known as the Lodge) so the fourth generation can enjoy the same carefree holiday memories,” said Judy.

“We sometimes argue it’s too hot or too cold, but we always agree the holiday destination is just right,” laughed Rose.

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