Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Lioness Club

Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Lioness Club gathered together for their annual Christmas in July dinner at the Tea Gardens Hotel Dolphin room on Monday, 20 July.

Michael and Libby Birch
Michael and Libby Birch

On hand to celebrate and say farewell to the area was Rev. Michael Birch and his wife Libby.

The evening kicked off with guests enjoying a sherry with cheese and fruit platters to get the tastebuds working.

A delicious hot and cold buffet followed much to the delight of all comers.

Guest speaker was Lioness President Viv Boyd’s sister-in-law Lavina Stobbart,  who spoke frankly about the things that we all take for granted, challenges, changes and being true to yourself.

Secretary Deb Bastian said, “These are all honest and interesting facts of life that each person took away their own personal feelings on from this journey known as life.”

Lionesses Shirlee Richardson and Ann Hill
Lionesses Shirlee Richardson and Ann Hill

The evening was “A great celebration of the year with gifts being exchanged and the chance for us to say our farewells to Michael and Libby Birch after their time in Tea Gardens,” President Vivienne Boyd added.

“The club is going from strength to strength with us welcoming four new members and having three lapsed members return to the fold,” Viv said.

Great to see the Lionesses continuing their great community work and enjoying their time doing so.

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