Clear parking marking coming to Marine Drive, Tea Gardens

This area in the middle of Marine Drive has no lines, leaving parking spacing up to drivers’ guesswork.

SAFER parking should be on its way for residents and visitors to Tea Gardens, with a recent win by the Hawks Nest/Tea Gardens Progress Association in getting parking lines organised along Marine Drive.

“This has been an ongoing issue for many years with the Progress Association, and we have been making more submissions for the last four years especially,” a spokesperson from the Progress Association told NOTA.

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“The goal was always to maximise spaces, increase safety, reduce congestion along the road in holiday times, and just bring the place up to Australian standards.”

Five distinct areas along the main riverside road, from near the corner of Ogden Street to ANZAC Park, have been assigned by MidCoast Council to be properly and clearly marked for car parking spots.

These include near the public wharves across from Tillermans Restaurant, in front of the Boatshed Restaurant, in front of the Slipway, in front of ANZAC Park, and near Tea Gardens Pool.

Since the last resurfacing of all or part of Marine Drive, only the 45-degree parking lines outside the Tea Gardens Hotel were laid down, and even they are starting to fade.

As can be expected, many drivers prefer to make their own spaces, often taking up more than necessary, thereby limiting the chances for others to park, get out, and spend money in the local economy, not to mention safety issues, for kids especially.

“This is progress,” was the victorious call, and the Progress Association has pledged to continue advocating for proper road markings, citing the lack of a centre-line down Marine Drive, as well as down Tuloa Avenue in Hawks Nest, which was very recently resurfaced.

The Progress Association has many other items in the pipeline, including the upgrading of the old Hawks Nest Community Hall building to be on par with the new section (when it is complete and becomes useable), and a Tea Gardens Pool winter working bee set for July.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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