Coverage of News Of The Area publications

News Of The Area publications are bulk dropped at key locations around Port Stephens and Myall Coast regions.

Overall we have over 90 newsstands (like the ones featured below) positioned within and outside-of businesses, clubs, community groups and high-traffic locations.

We print 17,000 copies each week and we record over 16,000 copies consistently collected by the public.

This distribution model seems superior to other distribution models, such as household delivery where papers are thrown onto lawns or roads near houses, as these days people are placing less and less value on their ‘home-delivered paper’. 

News Of The Area distribution relies on people physically collecting their paper (to take home) which means a real level-of-value can be placed on every paper we distribute. 

This also means we never have any distribution complaints: ie – ‘non-delivery’ or wet papers.

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Myall Coast News Of The Area – (YELLOW region) – 4,000 copies circulated

Port Stephens News Of The Area – (ORANGE region) – 2,000 copies circulated, (RED region) – 7,000 copies circulated,  (GREEN region) – 4,000 copies circulated


Final Map All NOTA coverge