Data collection supports long-term river health

Beverly Gibbs and Judith Rooney undertake dissolved oxygen testing.

FOLLOWING the completion of extensive training with OzGreen co-founder Sue Lennox, Nambucca Riverwatch volunteers have been undertaking monthly testing of five sites along the Nambucca River.

The citizen science initiative involves collecting, synthesising and analysing water quality data, then uploading results to the NSW Waterwatch Database and reporting to appropriate authorities such as Nambucca Valley Council and the EPA if there are any concerns.

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Collecting and uploading long term water quality information will provide baseline data of the health of the Nambucca catchment.

Project Managers Elizabeth Newman and Beverly Gibbs are committed to expanding the sites for testing along the 87 km of the Nambucca River.

“At present our funding has only allowed us to purchase one testing kit which is shared among the five teams,” Elizabeth said.

“We will be actively seeking further funding in 2024 to assist our enthusiastic volunteers.”

River water monitoring sites are located at Welsh Pioneer Park in Talarm, Park St at Bowraville, Wia Ora in Missabotti, Deep Creek at Valla and Bellwood Park in Nambucca.

Volunteers test pH, water and air temperatures, dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, turbidity, phosphates and faecal coliform.

As well as water testing, the volunteers document the environmental conditions, photograph up, across and downstream and report on the tides and rainfall.

On March 3, 2024, volunteers will be conducting a ‘Clean up Australia’ activity at these sites after completing their water testing.

If you are interested in supporting this citizen science initiative or training as a volunteer email or call Elizabeth Newman on 0427 687 780 or Beverly Gibbs on 0422 331 878.

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