Hon Catherine Cusack MLC responds to Mr Grant Kennett’s Letter to Editor

Hon Catherine Cusack MLC in front of Mr Grant Kennett.
Hon Catherine Cusack MLC in front of Mr Grant Kennett.


Dear News Of The Area,

IN response to the Opinion piece by Mr Grant Kennett’s about Mambo Wetlands (Port Stephens News Of The Area 13/2/2019 ‘What’s the Cost’).

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Mr Kennett’s should have featured this picture of him wearing a Kate Washington T-Shirt and ALP cap as he stands over me, pressing into me in a disgusting effort to physically bully and derail a Mambo media conference with Mayor Ryan Palmer.

There are other photos of Mr Kennett wearing a different T-Shirt and screaming abuse at me and Jaimie Abbott till he was literally red in the face.

Mr Kennett’s central claim, published in your newspaper, is that the Department of Planning “has confirmed that any offer made by the Government to buy back the land, will be made assuming the owner HAS approval for construction of a dwelling.”

This statement not true. As is his claim of a $1 million price.

Catherine Cusack MLC

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