News Of The Area askes Councillor Steve Tucker questions about his community

Councillor Steve Tucker.
Councillor Steve Tucker.


NEWS Of The Area caught up with Councillor Steve Tucker and we took the opportunity to ask him some questions about his community.

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NOTA: “You were elected on a roads, roads, roads policy yet there are still many roads in a deplorable condition. Why?”

TUCKER:” “It’s all about funding and priorities. Next year Tanilba Road Mallabula will be rebuilt at a cost of $1.3 million. Avenue of the Allies will then be reconstructed in two stages at a cost of $3.5 million.”

NOTA: “How can PSSC justify a makeover of Henderson Park, The Centenary Park project at Tanilba Bay, a $200 000 upgrade of Caswell Reserve Mallabula, and a $1.5 million roundabout when ratepayers just want their roads fixed?”

TUCKER: “Henderson Park LTP was a State Government grant for the ‘Better Waterways’ initiative. The roundabout was the same. It was funded under the State ‘Black Spot’ program. It is impossible to milk funds from these grants for roadworks.”

NOTA: “ What about the two public parks?

TUCKER: “The Henderson Park upgrade was such a success that in fine weather, locals and visitors flock to the waterfront to launch their boats, picnic, swim, fish, dine out and enjoy the nature ramble along the boardwalk. By upgrading the waterfront facilities at both Mallabula and Tanilba, we will create more passive tourism and recreational options. This will have a ‘multiplier’ effect on businesses by injecting cash into the community.”

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