NSW Interclub tournament comes to an end with controversy

One of the competing boats Relentless pursuit in Interclub 2021


THE New South Wales Game Fish Association Interclub State Championship Competition was held on Thursday 25 February until Sunday 28 February in the NSW coastal regions including Port Stephens, Port Macquarie, Sydney and many others.

A few of the many trophies for the weekend went to:

Marika Wright, the most Tag and Release Points by an Adult Lady Angler.

Elmore Coetzee, the most Tag and Release Points by an Adult Male Angler, also awarded with most Marlin by an Angler with eleven Marlin.

Other awards for the weekend included:

Sydney GFC – Team One (Champion Club Tag and Release)

Broken Bay GFC – Team One (Champion Club Team Capture)

Geromino (Champion Boat Capture)

Tantrum (Champion Boat Tag and Release)

Controversy has surrounded one catch of the weekend, a 394.5kg Tiger Shark caught off the coast of Sydney.

Caught by Captain Paul Barning from the Port Hacking Game Fishing Club on the boat ‘Dark Horse’, the fisherman spent over 45 minutes attempting to pull the shark onto the boat.

Many members of society have taken to social media claiming that the men on the Dark Horse were ‘selfish’, ‘stupid’ and ‘inconsiderate’, citing the importance of sharks in the ecosystem.

Facebook user, Lee Facey published the original image of the catch with the caption, “Why couldn’t the poor thing be left to live out its life swimming around in its own environment.

“Reel it in, take a picture, let it go,” Lee wrote.

Since then, the Port Hacking Game Fishing Club has removed its Facebook page after receiving threats and violent behaviour from a large number of social media users.

For the full list of award recipients and more information, head to https://www.nswgfa.com.au.




Image of the almost 400kg Tiger Shark that was captured. Photo: Lee Facey

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