Traffic safety investigation undertaken at Woolgoolga Public School

Council has recommended traffic safety measures at Woolgoolga Public School to improve student, parent and bus safety at busy student drop off and pick up times. Photo: Emma Darbin.


AN investigation of the safety of parking and drop off areas around Woolgoolga Public School has been undertaken by Coffs Harbour City Council and recommendations made.

These recommendations include adding centre unbroken lines on Scarborough Street and Short Street, placing ‘No Stopping’ signs and lines at the intersection of Short Street and Scarborough Street, placing unbroken lines and a ‘Give Way’ line in Short Street at its intersection with Scarborough Street, and placing a solid line in Scarborough Street to separate the school bus lane from other traffic.

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A 20-metre ‘No Parking’ zone is also recommended in Scarborough Street at the end of the bus zone to allow for student drop offs.

The investigation was undertaken following concerns raised by Cr John Arkan at a Council meeting on 25 March 2021 about safety issues at the school’s parking and student drop off areas.

Cr Arkan expressed his concern around a lack of parking in Scarborough Street where the school is located.

“Woolgoolga is growing rapidly and we really need to have a look at the roads and the parking situation overall,” Cr Arkan said.

Cr Arkan showed fellow councillors photographs he had taken outside of Woolgoolga Public School of an afternoon when buses and parents arrived to collect students.

“There’s cars coming and reversing, the buses are all intertwined with the crossings and the car parks either side,” Cr Arkan stated.

Cr Arkan had called on Council to investigate the use of Beach Street, Woolgoolga, alongside Centennial Park, as a spot for school buses to drop off and pick up students.

However, this potential safety option was ruled out during the investigation.

“Consultation has been undertaken with Forest Coach Lines and NSW Police and neither considered that the installation of a bus zone in Beach St was warranted,” Council stated.

“NSW Police have undertaken observations at the site and have recommended a number of actions to improve road safety in the vicinity of the bus zone and these are reflected in the (Council) recommendations.

“These measures will help to regulate traffic in the vicinity of the drop off area and the bus zone.”

The Council recommendations for the new traffic control measures were unanimously endorsed by councillors at a Council meeting on 23 September and will now go to Council’s Local Traffic Committee for endorsement.

Subject to the endorsement of the Committee, the new road line marking and signage may be installed during the December/January school holidays.



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