Author Patricia Brown speaking at Forster Library

Great Lakes Council’s Forster Library Service will host author Patricia Brown speaking on her book “Recovery” on Tuesday 5 May, starting at 7pm.

Patricia Brown
Patricia Brown

After the loss of a loved one, some people lose even more. They lose the art of living. They “shut down” because of overwhelming sadness and confusion. They can spend years cloaked in sorrow and locked away from life and love.

Recovery gives clarity, direction and hope to anyone who continues to struggle with significant loss. Sharing her own story of loss, Patricia Brown will reveal the missing elements needed to understand the impact of loss, the consequences of grief left unresolved and how these can be overcome.

By sharing her experiences, research and training, she hopes to reduce needless suffering and hasten the return to emotional wellbeing and joyful living.

Pat says, “tragedy was my greatest teacher. In fact, death has enriched my experience of life and helped me to know myself and find myself … a gift without equal”.

If you have experienced this loss, or know someone who has, then the advice Pat can give you at this free event may make the world of difference.

Bookings can be made directly at Forster Library or by phoning 6591 7256.

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