Golf SPORT: Hawks Nest Vets

Hawks Nest Vets
Hawks Nest Vets

Hawks Nest Vets

Stroke. 23/8/2016

A Grade.

  1. David Brailey 32.5
  2. Peter Walters 35.4
  3. Jeff Chapman 35.5

B Grade.

  1. Alan Greenhalgh 36.7
  2. Barry Whiteman 37.5
  3. Rob Simmons 37.7


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3rd. A Grade. Andy Biddle

B Grade. Eric O’Driscoll

5th. A Grade. Graeme Bramley

B Grade. Alan Greenhalgh

10th. A Grade. Arthur King

B Grade. Rob Simmons

16th.A Grade. David Brailey

B Grade. Alan Birmingham




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