Helen Watkins Thursday Walkers Group talks about Kore Farm

The group at Kore Farm.
The group at Kore Farm.

Dear News Of The Area,


IT is my opinion that you can always pick those who had a dangerous and adventurous childhood by the way they tackle the crossing of a creek bed.

There are those who head straight across with confidence in the knowledge that they will not slip, heads up they stride out looking at their destination and not their feet.

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“No problem, it’s easy” they say from their safe vantage point quickly arrived at on the other side.

Then there are the others, heads down testing every footfall and usually choosing the wrong one, they totter and slip precariously from stone to stone until arriving, sometimes unscathed but usually with wet feet, at the other side.

Similar can be said for walking across cattle grids, but maybe that also has something to do with the size of your boots.

So goes our walk to Kore Farm last week.

An exceptional early spring day and the opportunity to sample and purchase some wonderful local produce brought out a good contingent of enthusiastic walkers.

Apart from the tiny challenge above it’s a scenic, easy walk in. Helmut and Emma welcomed us with a lovely morning tea and the opportunity to refresh before our tour of the farm.

Helmut is a goldmine of information and knowledge as we walk around and generous in his sharing of same. Swarming bees, horses, dogs, geese and chickens share the property with a wide variety of citrus, berries and other fruit trees.

Thank you Helmut and Emma for the wonderful hospitality shown to The Thursday Walkers on their visit last week.

I might add that a hamper of Kore Farm’s beautiful products make for wonderful and welcome gift.


Helen Watkins

Thursday Walkers Group

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