Jimmy’s Beach littered with trash after severe storms

Trash found along Jimmy’s Beach, collected in about 15 minutes.


THE Myall Coast experienced severe storms last week which have caused extensive damage, including erosion, across shorelines.

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The Boulevarde in Winda Woppa and Jimmy’s Beach in Hawks Nest were amongst the most critically impacted.

Rian Willmot, who frequently visits family in the area, noted that the local beaches which are usually so pristine, have been littered with rubbish and plastics following last week’s storms.

“There are empty bait packets, lolly wrappers, synthetic rope and netting, drink bottles,” he said.

“We photographed a pile of garbage collected in about 15 minutes as a testament to carelessness.”

“We had intended just to enjoy a walk, but this was too confronting to ignore.”

MidCoast Council said that unfortunately the rubbish in our oceans is a significant environmental issue.

Rubbish thrown on suburban streets and parks can wash through drains and into stormwater, which in most cases is discharged into rivers and streams, and eventually reaches the sea.

During large storms with significant water movement towards shores, the rubbish may become more visible to residents.

“It’s really important that we all care for our ocean environments every day by ensuring we don’t litter at all,” said Council’s Coastal Management Coordinator, Andrew Staniland.

“We also thank local residents and volunteers who collect rubbish washed up on beaches to protect our environment and scenic amenity of our coastal environments.”

The Council also said that a clean-up will be undertaken as part of the restorative work once the weather event has passed.

For more information and to get involved in taking action for the environment, check out organisations such as Take 3 for the Sea and Clean Up Australia.



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