Letter to the Editor: National Service is a great idea

DEAR News Of The Area,

I MUST agree with Phyllis Taylor, National Service should be seriously considered and would solve many of our current problems.

Not only could it take the place of a ‘boot camp ‘ out in the bush for repeat juvenile offenders, but also give them a sense of purpose!

Unfortunately, due to lack of parental discipline at a young age, many girls and boys live in a Charles Dickens world of the ‘Artful Dodger’ from Oliver Twist, and are happy to follow anyone who leads them in a life of crime at an early age, including home invasions, motor vehicle theft, joy riding, muggings and stabbings, with no consideration at all for their helpless, traumatised victims.

National Service would instil discipline, teach both physical and mental coping skills, remove them from negative peer pressure, but most importantly give them a positive career path for their future development!

The courts are far too lenient with automatic bail, police cannot cope anymore with this ever increasing crime wave, absentee parents abstain from their responsibilities, and our government has obviously run out of solutions.

Illegal alcohol, vaping and drug use is rampant, creating a new generation of unemployable, social service dependent young adults who will only perpetuate this problem by becoming parents at a young age!

Currently our government is having trouble recruiting servicemen and women, hence this would solve multiple problems, as well as train future defence personnel.

Instead of our society enabling un-Australian behaviour, we would train responsible human beings contributing to society, up-skill them, and give them a future worth aspiring to!

Also, it just might reduce our prison population, and help to fill job vacancies in trades that are currently desperate for skilled workers!



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