Mayoral candidate Tony Judge announces election team

Coffs Harbour Mayoral candidate Tony Judge with his newly announced team members for next month’s local government election (from left) John Marsh, Angela Mansell, (Tony) and Julie Hendy.


COFFS Harbour Mayoral candidate Tony Judge has formally announced his Labor team for the upcoming Coffs Harbour City Council local government election on Saturday 4 December.

“The team includes a great diversity of skills and life experience, but we have one thing in common – a desire to work for our community to make Coffs Harbour an even better place to live,” Tony said.

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“I will lead a team including Julie Hendy, Angela Mansell and John Marsh, all of whom would make an outstanding contribution if elected as Councillors.”

Lead candidate, Tony Judge, publicly announced his candidacy for the positions of Mayor and Councillor in 2020.

Tony said he has been actively involved in community and policy issues since he contested the State Election in 2019.

“It was during the State campaign that I fully realised the huge impact that local government has on the lives of people in our region,” Tony said.

“Even though I was running for the State seat, the majority of concerns raised by people who approached me were Council issues.

“I decided not long after the State Election that I would seek the opportunity to serve our community on Coffs Harbour City Council.”

Second candidate, Julie Hendy, is a retired neuropsychologist who has lived and worked in Coffs Harbour for almost twenty years.

Her professional background includes a stint as Head of Psychology at what is now the Westmead Children’s Hospital.

Julie has a strong interest in providing better services for West Coffs Harbour.

“There has been a lot of focus on development at Coffs Jetty and in the CBD, but we should not neglect the large community that lives west of the highway,” Julie said.

“There is a real need for better services and amenities in that area.

“The proposed cycle path is a start, but there is also a need for better footpaths and more local facilities; it is so important that all areas in our region move forward together.”

Third candidate, Angela Mansell, comes from a strong background in marketing.

She has a passion for sensitive development and allowing the community to keep what it values as it grows into a bigger community.

“My guiding principle is ‘keep what we love, build what we need’,” Angela said.

“We all choose to live here because of our wonderful environment and the unique character of the place we live.

“As we grow, we need to be vigilant to make sure that we don’t change those things we really value; that takes skillful planning, long-term thinking and a strong sense of who we are and I would like to bring that focus to Council.”

The final candidate, John Marsh, is a retired food technologist with experience as a Councillor on Blue Mountains City Council.

John has a strong belief in the power of community and the need for Council to really engage with community groups, like sporting and cultural clubs.

“Community groups really know what’s going on in the area they live in,” John said.

“They are such a valuable resource when Councils are planning or proposing a new project.

“They need to be really engaged, not just consulted at the start and end of projects; that’s the way that we really make sure that the community gets what it needs.”

Tony Judge said he was happy to be leading such a strong election team.

“Coffs Harbour is facing some exciting opportunities and some big challenges,” Tony stressed.

“This team has the skills and experience to take on those challenges and build an even better Coffs Harbour.”



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