Meet The Candidates for the MidCoast Election: Sandra Bourke

Sandra Bourke is excited to be running for the first time in the upcoming election.


AS the Local Government Election approach, News Of The Area is introducing you to the candidates for the election.

Sandra Bourke is running as an independent and is Peter Epov’s ticket.

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With thirty years of policing, national security and project management and a family history that dates back to 100 years in the Tea Gardens area, Sandra is excited to be running for the first time for MidCoast Council.

“Up front, it is time for a change.

“I care about authentic engagement and ensuring policy is implemented, with value for money and with accountability,” Ms Bourke said.

Sandra is an active community member who has been active with the re-opening of pools, volunteers cleaning up local parks, swims with Myall Masters and volunteers with the local Lions Club, Progress Association and Chamber of Commerce and Surf Club.

Ms Bourke has aligned herself with the Peter Epov Group and passionately believes in the group’s values and desire for change.

“Peter Epov is the only current independent Councillor who has consistently voted in the best interests of Tea Garden, Hawks Nest and the surrounding villages, which is much more than I can say for any of the others.

“Our Group has shared values of integrity, candour, courage and communication, to name a few; we are regular people, committed to change for the better,” Ms Bourke said.

If elected, Sandra pledges to work with communities across the MidCoast to improve services paid for with resident’s rates.

“Our roads, services and infrastructure need to be maintained and improved without massive hikes in council rates.

“Clearly, we also need to improve the transparency of our Development Application processes – the recent Four Corners program on the Obeid’s investment was a big shock for our community.

“It should be easier to know who is doing what and to know if and how developments benefit our community while also safeguarding our environment and history,” she said.

Although she resides in Tea Gardens, Sandra believes in uniting all of the MidCoast.

“The issues that we’re all facing in the Tea Gardens are MidCoast wide and I believe that I can help to represent and unite the whole LGA using my experiences here to support other communities.

“It’s about me listening to the communities and taking those issues to not only the local government, but advocating to state and federal governments – I’ve worked at both state and federal levels and feel confident in advocating at these levels,” she said.

Committing to action rather than simply plans on paper, Sandra believes in creating a transparent and accountable Council empowering local communities through rich cultural experiences, sports and recreation and rich economic business growth.

“Locals can meet the Peter Epov Group in person at the Hawks Nest Community Hall next Saturday 20 November from 4pm.

“It’s time for a new change, you need representatives who will make all the MidCoast better – this election, vote 1 Sandra Bourke below the line in the Peter Epov Group C,” Sandra said.



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