Myall Hawks teens and seniors show strength

Sportsmanship at the end of the day as the Hawks and Cardiff gather for photos.

TEENAGE footy at its best was witnessed upon Myall Park on Saturday, 25 May, as the U16 and U13 Myall River Hawks rounded out a day of home-ground victories for the local club.

Playing West Maitland, the U16s took to the field looking almost like seniors.

Drawing a big crowd, both sides put up stiff competition and defence from the start.

West Maitland’s kickers fell short on their first three conversions, costing a precious six points that would haunt them later, especially as the Hawks laid down plenty of plays involving big run breaks and timely hand-offs to bring in the tries.

West Maitland stuck with the corners, making a few groundings on the wings, resulting from the Hawks’ strong central defence.

The final minutes were exhausting.

Spectators could feel the energy on the field change in the epic finale, as West Maitland’s desperation to score again was outmatched by the Hawks’ defence halting them at halfway, thus sealing the home victory 28-18.

The final home game of the day was the U13s vs Cardiff, and the Hawks were strong from the start, scoring the first try within five minutes.

By ten minutes in, the Hawks had three tries.

The Hawks’ #2 then made a blistering run up the field, facilitating a fourth try, before a fifth came in the far-left corner, and a sixth left Cardiff visibly demoralised by half-time.

A flurry of Hawks tries in the second half pushed the score to 44-0, and with ten minutes left, Cardiff came as close as they ever were going to get to scoring.

The Hawks held them back and got it out of there, pelting through the disintegrated Cardiff defence, with Alex Saunders coming around from the wing to ground under the posts twice.

The ‘mercy rule’ was triggered at 60-0, ending the game a few minutes early.

Hawks’ try scorers were: Banjo (x2), Ryder (x1), Alex Saunders (x4), Kyzaiah (x1), Darren (x1), and Jaiv (x2).

Seniors Women’s Tackle almost clinched victory away against Waratah at Merewether, holding it for the majority of the match – with each game comes more confidence.

Seniors Men’s against Clarence Town was postponed due to poor ground conditions.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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