Nambucca River Bridge Club News

The Nambucca River Bridge Club team at the GNOT regional finals: Gayle Keenan, Stephen Fox, Amber Fox and Gillian Buganey.

LEARNING bridge can be a daunting experience, and playing can also be terrifying when first starting.

Don’t be put off, the effort will be worth it once you have gained the experience.

Remember what it was like to learn how to drive a car?

This Thursday’s session resulted in a tie for first. Pete Rundle and Colin Denney tied with Paula Guthrie and Daphne Priestley with 55.21 percent and getting 0.21 masterpoints each.

Third Place was also a tie with Jennifer and Stuart Thorne and Gayle Keenan and Gillian Buganey who achieved 54.17 percent each and being awarded 0.06 masterpoints.

Our principal director has set out our future red point events and members are referred to our Bridgeweb page for the details.

We are going to hold our final teaching sessions for this year, which will be fast tracked, so that students can be playing before the holiday break.

For session details contact the secretary on 0412 654 225.


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