‘On the couch’ with Jasminda


DEAR Jasminda,

Yesterday, while participating in a fun run to raise money for a good local cause, I somehow managed to injure myself.

I’m now hobbling around taking anti-inflammatory tablets, nursing frozen peas and making physio appointments that will cost far more than the amount I donated.

Is there a lesson in all of this?

Tamika B.

Dear Tamika,

Kudos to you for making the effort and for being both proactive and altruistic, if not a tad naive.

Are you usually someone who runs?

You can’t just turn up to an event full of goodwill and Red Bull and expect to be able to perform as though you are a seasoned runner.

You need to build up to these things by perhaps joining a walking group, alternating short distances of jogging and walking, and eventually, after a few months, doing some short sprints and increasing your distance each week, as long as you remain injury free.

Arriving in your activewear, somehow assuming that an X-back sports bra, Techfit tights and cross-train runners will be enough to get you to the finish line in fine form is admirably spontaneous, but mind-numbingly stupid.

Add to that those endorphins that create a ‘runner’s high’ and you would have been too busy gazing at the scenery and chatting about how you think you could have missed your calling as a long-distance elite athlete, to notice your knees were developing Iliotibial Band Syndrome, your feet were jogging their way to plantar fasciitis and your hip labrum was tearing.

Not to mention the sun damage.

Next time, just click the donate button on the charity’s website, which shouldn’t cause damage to anything but your account balance.

The name Fun Run is a misnomer, as you have unfortunately discovered.

They should be called Have You Ever Seen a Long-Distance Runner Smile?

Tread with caution in future, Tamika.

Carpe diem,

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