OPINION: Access issues at Yarrila place

DEAR News Of The Area,

AS a former resident of a rural property far from here, it has been a great joy to me to do most of my shopping in Coffs Harbour CBD but in particular to have access to the library only five minutes from my home.

I had my first and, sad to say, last visit to the ugly building to be met by another person telling me I will never come here again.

Why am I not surprised that the cavernous entry houses a children’s area and stairway plus two lifts.

Access to the library granted, the signage indicated the use of a lift.

As I am awaiting surgery, that was my only option.

The door opened and I was able to enter.

However, despite the use of buttons showing just where to go, nothing happened.

I was unable to exit the lift and it was only when the help button was used that a distorted voice apparently facilitated opening the door.

There were previously allocated parking spaces outside this building in Gordon Street; these are no longer available.

Parking in Gordon Street has always been a problem.

Why have we been saddled with an edifice which is far from user friendly and now necessitates much further travel should I wish to remain a library user?

Kindest regards,
North Boambee Valley.

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