OPINION: Avoidable threats to our environment leading to death and destruction

DEAR News Of The Area,

AT a time when we are already aware of the varied and all too constant avoidable threat to the health of our environment, and the extinction of our already threatened species, why do we still tolerate our government departments wasting our taxes on ill conceived and toxic solutions?

Whilst there are also many passionate individuals doing their utmost to be kind to our planet and its inhabitants, unfortunately, unless we all act now, selfishly motivated corporations and uneducated individuals will have the upper hand!

I constantly read announcements of intent to do unnecessary harm, for example a recent pesticide use notice for the Nana Glen area.

NSW DPI will use toxic fibronil for the euthanasia of wild European bee eradication from October 2022 for twelve months!

They intend to spray tree cavities which often house native bees, breeding birds and native animals!

Then as part of the NSW Government’s draft five year Regional Strategic Weed Management Plans, now open for submissions, it is blatantly obvious that this will involve toxic chemicals already banned in Europe and the US!

This indiscriminate use will poison land, air and water indefinitely as well as habitat and food source of animals and beneficial insects alike!

Other examples:
– The indiscriminate baiting for foxes and wild dogs!
– Cruel aerial shooting of our beloved Snowy Mountain brumbies by National Parks and Wildlife!
– Shark nets which rarely protect, but instead kill turtles, migrating whales, dugong, manta rays, etc.
If you care as much as I do, please voice your concerns to the relevant authorities, every voice counts!


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