OPINION: No lessons taken from SRV Mark I

DEAR News Of The Area,

What is the matter with Port Stephens Council?

Do they not know that their job descriptions are to be found in the Local Government Act?

After its lack of success with SRV Mark I following the exposure of various misrepresentations to the media and public, to try again on a larger scale indicates to me that no lessons were learned.

The timing of its latest manoeuvre could barely be worse: a sixth interest rate rise (does anyone believe it will be the last?), affordable rental properties almost a figment of the imagination, ongoing cost of living increases, and a lurking global economic downturn.

Did Council not read the letter of Richard Poggioli (Examiner 04/08/22) in which his succinct explanation of future increased revenue to Council may have been a revelation for Council as well as a harbinger for the electors of PSLGA.

The statements of George Hogan, Ken Fletcher and D Bell (Examiner 06/10/22) are also widely supported.

It appears to me that those pushing for SRV Mark II are seeking self-glorification in the belief that they will be acknowledged as the avant-garde saviours of some PSLGA towns (viewed by them as Woollahra Bay, Vaucluse Bay etc.) by implementing actions Council itself deems appropriate.

The people’s desires and needs must be paramount when it is their monies, including the monies of the river people, that would bring these projects to fruition.

Yes, Mr Poggioli, an SRV is an abysmal idea.

Elizabeth MEADER,
Raymond Terrace.

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