OPINION: What are the impacts of Great Koala National Park?

DEAR News Of The Area,

WE have seen an increase in support for the Great Koala National Park, with the latest being the Coffs Council.

We have not seen a definitive map of what will be included and what the impacts of the Park will be.

Will it be wholly managed by the NPWS?

What roads/trails will be closed or have their maintenance reduced?

Will it exclude the present sustainable harvesting of timber?

What will happen to the mills and their employees?

Will it include areas of native timber plantations and if not will access to those areas be maintained?

Will it impact the land use of any adjoining land?

Where will we obtain replacement supplies of timber that will not impact wildlife elsewhere in the world?

Who will be responsible for the fuel management and who will audit that management so that the effect of wildfires will be minimised in the future?

It seems people think by creating this park that koala numbers will increase and you will be able to go out and easily see koalas in the wild.

In reality, koala numbers will not change regardless of whether the park is established or not.

Have koala numbers increased in areas that were harvested in the past but have had NPWS management for a considerable period?

People and organisations should consider what they support and what the impacts of that support will be.

Boambee East.

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