Pam Richardson donates trauma teddies to Red Cross

Volunteer Pam Richardson with her bright hand-crafted (knitted, stuffed, sewn together and labelled) Trauma Teddies has a final hug before donating them to children through the Tea Gardens Red Cross.


PAM Richardson has stitched love into all 14 of her Red Cross Trauma Teddies.

Janet Baker, President of the Tea Gardens Red Cross, thanked Pam, stating, “It is a pleasure to thank Pam for the fourteen wonderful Trauma Teddies. They will all be used at our local Ambulance and Medical Centres to help and be loved by children under stress.”

The Australian Red Cross has distributed around 1 million trauma teddies to children since 1990.

Both making and donating them provides comfort and helps take people’s minds off their worries.

Janet told News Of The Area, that the local Red Cross had a really wonderful response to their recent winter call for warm wooly donations.

“We donated 295 scarves, gloves and rugs to the homeless in Newcastle, warming their winter. We also have three more knitted rugs in progress. The Red Cross thanks so many locals for being so kind and generous.”

To make a Trauma Teddy, download the pattern here or at

For further information about the Tea Gardens Red Cross, contact or call 1800 733 276.


By Sandra MURRAY

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