Party MLC requests RSPCA inquest

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers MLC Robert Brown called on an inquiry into the RSPCA during an adjournment speech in the NSW Parliament last week.

This follows a litany of debacles where the organisation has over-reached in its role, and is in the precarious position as an unsupervised judge, jury and executioner for animal cruelty issues.

These matters have been examined in Western Australia and Victoria, and should be examined by an inquiry in this jurisdiction.”

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“[People would] be shocked to hear of a $100m industry that slaughtered 40,206 innocent animals in the period 2014 to 2015 – 30 per cent of animals under their care,” he said.

“The 40,000 animals slaughtered by the RSPCA last year surprises me, especially because a figure of a similar magnitude was cited as the rationale for banning greyhound racing.

The cynic in me wonders why they have not released their latest year’s statistics, given this debate.”

“Once a respected charity, it has now become over-zealous, drunk on power, and dominated by animal liberationists.”

Mr Brown cited the case of Pilliga grazier Ruth Downey whose breeding cattle were shot by the RSPCA following disputable claims they were emaciated.

He highlighted quotes of an RSPCA inspector uncovered by his office showing that the organisation preferred to euthanise this woman’s cattle rather than provide material support with feeding because the organisation was low on funds.

“An organisation… cannot be summarily allowed to execute animals because it is in tat organisation’s financial interests, rather than providing the support the public demands and deserves.

Nationally they reported a $9.34m loss in their latest financial statement.
This is despite their charity status and the tax concessions that come with it.”

“[The RSPCA] can either be a policing body for animal welfare or a campaign-house: but it cannot be both,” Mr Brown said.

“Like Western Australia and Victoria, we urgently need an inquiry into the RSPCA in New South Wales.” Mr Brown added that the issue of the RSPCA’s role in animal welfare was of significance because of their role in deciding the future regulation of the greyhound racing industry after the ban was repealed.

2 thoughts on “Party MLC requests RSPCA inquest

  1. My goodness this guy is such an idiot. Hopefully someone wipes the floor with Borsak because he clearly doesn’t understand the fucntion f this organisation.

  2. One of many questionable Baird decisions is to include RSPCA’s ceo on the panel We all know Coleman’s feelings on Baird’s reversal of the ban
    It’s like inviting the devil to be on a panel to consider reforms that would save souls

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