People power wins at Valla Beach as Minister intervenes to stop rezoning of community land

Relieved and overwhelmed residents of Valla Beach celebrate having their voices heard by Government.

IN September, News Of The Area reported that Valla Beach locals had come out in protest over Council’s rezoning of land officially known as Part Lot 45 Ocean View Drive, Valla Beach.

This land is considered by many to be a section of a natural wildlife corridor frequented by kangaroos and many other native species as well as a space that can showcase the system of nature reserves in the district.

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Although determined locals didn’t give up, it seemed like the rezoning would go ahead and the Nambucca Valley Council would sell the land and use the proceeds to fund the replacement of the Valla Beach Footbridge.

In a dramatic turn of events the Minister for Planning and the Minister for Homes, the Hon. Anthony Roberts MP, has intervened and a letter from his office details he has determined the planning proposal is to discontinue.

In a letter addressed to Ms Georgette Allen, a representative of the concerned Valla Beach residents, Minister Robert’s office also stated that Council will need to address key issues of concern to the local community prior to the lodgement of any new planning proposal.

Ms Allen told News Of The Area, “We residents have an overwhelming sense of relief and hope now that we can see that the Government is able to make decisions based on common sense and reasoning.”

Nambucca Valley Councillor David Jones told News Of The Area, “The Minister intervened and knocked this development proposal on the head because the Council did not take due consideration of community consultation.”

The action of the Ministers Office seems to follow a spate of ‘People Power’ wins in the district in the wake of the abandonment of the Ingenia development near Scotts Heads and Council’s refusal to consent to the development of three-story flat buildings on Forrest Road, Nambucca Heads.

Delighted locals joined to celebrate the Minister’s intervention on Part Lot 45 Ocean View Drive Valla Beach last week and, just to prove their point, two Eastern Grey Kangaroo traversed the block, almost as if to say ‘thank you’ to the determined locals of Valla Beach.


Almost as a gesture of thanks, an Eastern Grey Kangaroo passes through Part Lot 45 Ocean View Drive, Valla Beach.

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