Taste of Australia showcases Coffs Coast’s foodie credentials

Lyndall Doig and Hayden Quinn.

RENOWNED local cheese maker Lyndall Doig welcomed the talented Hayden Quinn from Taste of Australia into her kitchen several weeks ago, setting the stage for a delightful culinary journey now available to be viewed on 10 Play.

Together, Lyndall and Hayden embarked on a quest to uncover the art of crafting mozzarella from scratch, a mesmerizing process involving stretching, folding, and weaving curd into a silky masterpiece.

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Once the art of mozzarella-making was mastered, they elevated their culinary creativity by crafting fresh pizza dough as the canvas for their mouth-watering creations.

The toppings were nothing short of extraordinary, featuring slow oven-roasted Ricardo Tomatoes, locally sourced Coffs Coast mushrooms, aromatic Mt Coramba Organics garlic, and their freshly made mozzarella.

Stepping outside to the warmth of a wood-fired pizza oven, the air was filled with enchanting flavours and aromas, a true testament to the exceptional food produced on the stunning Coffs Coast.

“Sharing the culinary treasures of the region with Hayden Quinn was an absolute joy, accentuated by his unwavering passion for food,” said Lyndall, the owner of the Artisan Cheese and Cooking School.

“His dedicated film crew added to the experience with their professionalism and enthusiasm.”

During his visit, Hayden also explored Driscoll’s Blueberry Farm, discovering the Sweetest Batch Blueberries – a hidden local gem.

These delectable blueberries were then a key ingredient in one of Hayden’s recipes, prepared at New Life Farm at Moonee Beach, where vibrant citrus offerings were also showcased.

This collaboration was a memorable culinary adventure, celebrating the rich flavours and warm hospitality of the Coffs Coast.

Hayden Quinn’s visit was a testament to the incredible produce and passionate people that make this region a genuine food lover’s paradise.

To watch the Coffs Coast episode of Taste of Australia, visit 10 Play.

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