“The biggest boom in mountain biking ever seen” hits the Coffs Coast

Woodsey’s Wheels Scott Bocking.


“THE biggest boom in mountain biking ever seen” has had bike dealers chasing their tails for months.

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Since the first announcement of social distancing measures due to COVID-19, there has been a huge increase in demand for mountain bikes locally.

The exponential increase in demand, coupled with a supply shortage caused by the disruption in production and delivery due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has seen bike dealers like Scott Bocking at Woodsey’s Wheels in Woolgoolga doing everything they can to keep up.

Scott has worked in the industry for more than 20 years, including 13 years in wholesale and said he has never seen demand like there is currently.

“I have friends all over Australia in all aspects of the industry and it’s not just one pocket – it’s the biggest national boom in cycling we’ve ever seen,” Scott said.

“It’s been like the perfect storm for mountain biking,” he said.

“Everyone got told to go inside; the gyms were closed, soccer was off, all group activities came to a stand still – people were back to self-propelled basics like walking, running or biking and biking just exploded.”

It’s great news for the sport and for local riders. As Scott explains, “they’re such low-impact vehicles. The more wheels on tracks, the better groomed they are and the better maintained.”

“It’s been so great seeing whole families get out together and reignite their love for biking. People have had time to take a breath and they’re starting to realise – riding wasn’t fun because you’re a kid, it’s fun because it’s fun.”

In terms of supply and demand, with restrictions easing and production beginning again, local bike stores should have a steady flow of bikes back in store by late August.

“Right now, they’re rationing allocations of bikes and just sending them to us,” Scott said.

“We’ve been muddling through with what we have but we’re sure by September through to Christmas should be good.”




Jesse Bocking hitting the forest (pic: And The Trees Photography)

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  1. We have amazing opportunities for mountain and trail riding in this area. Just one of the nature based tourism opportunities promoted in the Great Koala National Park Proposal! We need a commitment by the whole community as well as State and Local government to make this happen.

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