Tips for avoiding heat stroke

Steve Tucker recently fell victim to heatstroke.
Steve Tucker recently fell victim to heatstroke.

With the thermal heat index (THI) soaring into the high forties, locals are warned to take precautions against heat stroke.

According to one local GP (who wished to be unnamed) on very hot days, it is best to stay inside, keep the body hydrated and to use fans or the breeze to evaporate perspiration.

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This is the body’s natural cooling mechanism.

“Once the body’s core temperature rises above 37 degrees, you get problems,” he said.

Symptoms of heat stroke can include: headache, dizziness, muscle weakness, confusion, disorientation and nausea.

Cr Steve Tucker fell victim to heat stroke by spending a mere hour gardening recently.

“I felt decidedly unwell and had to lie down in the cool for several hours,” he said.

Another well-known business had to close when its owner also suffered a bout of the debilitating illness.

Reports of asthmatics reaching for their ‘puffers’ were common as the high humidity took its toll.


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