Lions Club at Bulahdelah assist the Ambulance station

Bulahdelah Ambulance Officers have received a much needed addition to their equipment with the donation of a UHF Radio, thanks to the generosity of Bulahdelah Lions Club. The UHF Radio will help improve communication between all essential services during emergency callouts including Ambulance, Rural Fire Service, Volunteer Rescue Association and Police. Bulahdelah

Bulahdelah’s Sophie Grills’ battle with cancer

[one-fifth-first][/one-fifth-first][one-fifth][/one-fifth][one-fifth][/one-fifth][one-fifth][/one-fifth][one-fifth][/one-fifth] Sophie Grills lives at Bulahdelah looks like every other four-year-old girl, with her infectious smile and short dark hair. But Sophie’s smile hides a battle with a rare form of cancer known as Pineoblastoma, discovered when she was just two-years old. Only seven people worldwide have this cancer, and Sophie is the only