Karuah Roos fight hard against East Maitland but fall short

Last weekend saw the Karuah The Roos take on East Maitland who have just come down from B grade.

With the Roos still struggling to get a full side on the paddock due to injuries, they were hit again only 11 minutes into the game with Jordan Cobb breaking his fibula on both sides of the ankle.

The Roos put some big hits on by Aaron Bills, Mitch Napier, Daniel Evans, Trent Saunders, Jack Croese, Jake Langdon and Luke Perry.

East Maitland were the first to score but it wasn’t until well into the first half making the score 4/0.

With some great runs by Ben Langdon, Dwayne Fleming, Aden Callaghan, Matt Croese, Jack Croese and Ryan Saunders.

Just before the half time bell Ryan Saunders crossed the line for the Roos making the score at half time East Maitland 8 Karuah 4.

Second half saw a lot of heart and grit from the boys to dig deep and try to keep the big boys out.

Great runs by Dylan Foley, Mitch O’Bryan, Tim Johnson, Dwayne Fleming, Luke Perry and Ben Langdon who left bodies in his way.

Big hits by Mitch Napier, Dylan Foley and Daniel Evans.

The Final score being East Maitland 32 Karuah 4.

Next week the Roos have a BYE so hopefully the walking wounded will have some time to recover.

Players Player 3 points went to Ben Langdon, 2 points Jack Croese and 1 to Ryan Saunders. Coaches Award was Jake Langdon. Man on the Hill Aaron Bills.


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