Advocating for a sustainable future in Forestry

Mr Kevin Carter calls for a sensible approach to logging issues.

A FORMER Forestry manager has called on MidCoast Council to take a more considered approach to logging practices in the region.

At a recent MidCoast Council meeting a motion was passed unanimously that Council advocate to the NSW Forestry Commission and National Parks to permanently cease all logging in Compartments 41 and 43 of the Bulga Forest and add the compartments to the Biriwal Bulga National Park.

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Bulahdelah Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Vice President Kevin Carter, who has had experience as a manager in both Forestry NSW and National Parks NSW, has voiced his concerns to Council based on his extensive knowledge and practice in this field.

Mr Carter noted that although such resolutions provide some traction leading up to a state election, Forestry and National Parks are state government concerns rather than local government issues.

“This has serious implications for timber towns such as Bulahdelah where about 30 percent of the population are involved directly and indirectly with the hardwood timber industry,” Mr Carter told News Of The Area.

“It would have a devastating effect on our and other towns in this industry should these ideas continue as employment opportunities for such a large number of displaced would be very difficult to fill.”

Mr Carter said that sustainable logging has many benefits, particularly in the building trade where the need for more housing has become a pressing issue.

With some areas having been logged up to four times over many decades and the devastating effects of recent bushfires, the forests have demonstrated that over time they can regenerate to their former glory.

Mr Carter hopes that Council may arrive at a more considered response and that a reasoned debate by all concerned parties arrives at a sensible balance between the demand for timber and environmental concerns.


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