Myall Coast Churches Unite in Prayer

This year the emphasis is on the country of Taiwan.

THE World Day of Prayer is a combined church gathering to pray for other countries.

In the Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest area the Anglican, Baptist, Catholic and Uniting churches have been involved for over 30 years, and each church takes it in turn to host the event.

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Coordinated services of Christian worship and prayer are held across the world in over 170 countries, directed by the international body – the World Day of Prayer International.

The program for the service is prepared well in advance by women from one focus country of the world.
Each service has an advertised theme and involves Bible readings, prayers and songs and a reflection and is attended by women and men.

Locally, the service involves participants from the four churches offering prayers for, and highlighting the needs of a particular country.

This year the emphasis is on the country of Taiwan with a population of 23.6 million.

The theme is God’s promise, in the letter to the Ephesians.

This year the World Day of Prayer is being hosted at the Baptist Church on Friday 3 March at 2pm.

A delicious afternoon tea will be provided at the conclusion of the service where people can mingle with each other.

This event is for everyone who would like to help bring peace to the world through thinking of, and praying for others.

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