Don’t get caught out by a cold snap

There are a number of measures producers can take to prepare for cold snaps and wet weather. Photo: Leanda Connor.

WITH the winter season upon us and many areas experiencing their first frosts, Local Land Services is reminding livestock producers of the management options at their disposal to protect their animals.

In cold and wet conditions, stock will use energy to keep warm, so it’s important producers are prepared and take relevant precautions to ensure their stock remains in the best possible condition.

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There are a number of measures producers can take to prepare for cold snaps and wet weather to reduce the effects on their livestock, including:

● making sure livestock have access to shelter

● ensuring animals are getting enough food for their requirements

● ensuring animals that are most at risk including newborns, lambing ewes and calving cows, animals in low condition and sick animals, are provided with shelter, enough fee and are checked regularly

● increasing feed levels by up to 20 percent during severe weather (i.e. wind, rain and cold temperatures).

Local Land Services Animal Biosecurity and Welfare Program Lead Scott Ison encouraged landholders wanting specific advice to get in touch with their nearest district veterinarian.

“We have district veterinarians based across NSW who are working with producers to provide advice and support relevant to their local seasonal conditions,” Mr Ison said.

“In areas where rainfall has been limited for example, cold temperatures and frosts will further slow pasture growth, so it’s important those producers are aware of this and speaking with our expert staff to get this advice.

“Taking the necessary precautions are well worth the added effort and expense in the long run to ensure the health of your mob or herd and the return you receive when joining or sending stock to market.”

Livestock producers wanting to speak with their Local Land Services district veterinarian can call 1300 795 299 or visit their nearest Local Land Services office.

Further livestock advice is available on the Local Land Services website –

Livestock producers are also encouraged to access weather forecasting tools to help them prepare for cold and wet weather events.

Landholders can visit to access weather forecasts and radar.

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