Granny flat investments a new dawn to help house people

Julieanne McKeon has opted to add rental accommodation at her Coffs Harbour property.

MID NORTH COAST homeowners wishing to help others with affordable rent are building granny flats or other self-contained accommodation on their properties.

“My criteria was for a woman who was eligible for ‘social housing’,” Melissa Murano told NOTA of her move to take on a tenant.

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Ms Murano lives in Bellingen and worked with the local Housing Matters Action Group to access a tenant.

The tenant wanted privacy, a separate dwelling and a public walkway.

She achieved that in October 2022.

“I recommend that with regards to the tenancy agreement that you do it at arm’s length if it’s on your same property,” Ms Murano told NOTA.

Julianne McKeon from Coffs Harbour agrees.

She and her husband Paul realised they could contribute to helping someone find accommodation, while increasing the value of their property.

“Being able to do something on the ground about the housing situation was what we wanted to do,” Julianne said.

They had a big block and it took six months from signing the paperwork to having it finished.

“You can use your home for equity and you easily get a loan because it will be paying itself off once you have a tenant,” she said.

Others who feel they can’t afford to live in their house alone, but don’t want to share their living space, have “added on” to their existing dwelling and share a common wall.


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