Greyhound Adoption Month For Gentle Giants

Buddy the greyhound with his feline sibling.
Buddy the greyhound with his feline sibling.


GREYHOUNDS have featured in the media in the past year due to government racing restrictions, and then political back flipping, resulting in the spotlight being put on this breed.

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April was Greyhound Adoption Month and rescue organisations have been promoting the benefits of adopting or fostering this breed.

Local residents are not unfamiliar with greyhounds, with many owners of racers and retired racers residing in the community.

Ms Mel Taylor combines her love of cats with owning her gorgeous hound, Buddy.

She is also the coordinator of Cat Rescue Newcastle and shows that, contrary to popular misconceptions, greyhounds can live peacefully with their feline friends.

Ms Taylor told News Of The Area, “Buddy fitted straight into family life with myself, young kids and cats.”

“I run Cat Rescue Newcastle, so we always have cats/kittens around, Buddy has helped with the rehabilitation and introductions of hundreds of cats and kittens over the years.”

“These cats can go to their new homes without a worry of dogs.”

Of the decision to adopt a greyhound six years ago, Ms Taylor said, “I saw an increasing need for Greyhounds to be adopted.”

“I researched the breed and found them to be very suitable for my family.”

“They are quite different to what people think and unfortunately have not had a fair go.”

“Greyhounds are quite lazy and would rather laze around with a family.”

“They have acquired the suitable nicknames of ‘lounge lizards’ or ‘couch potatoes’.”

“They do not need excess exercise, and are not vicious beasts as people think due to muzzling laws.”

Continuing her admiration of greyhounds, Ms Taylor added, “Greyhounds are loving gentle souls, they are expressionists and adapt quite well and easily into family life.”

“They are funny and goofy and just a pleasure to have.”

For families, singles, couples or anyone considering a dog to join the family, think about the greyhound as a viable option.

By Heather SHARP

Buddy relaxing, a typical pose of the greyhound.
Buddy relaxing, a typical pose of the greyhound.


Introducing a kitten to the gentleness of the greyhound.
Introducing a kitten to the gentleness of the greyhound.


Buddy the greyhound.
Buddy the greyhound.

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