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REGARDING the ongoing debate about the loss of Jimmy’s Beach at the Boulevard, when I first started coming to Hawks Nest a long long time ago it seemed to me that the width of the vegetated area along the boulevard was always of a similar width to that still at the far end of the Boulevard, but gradually many of the taller trees & higher bushes were cut down to improve the view for those who had newly invested in property on the Boulevard, or by those who light large fires on the beach on firework nights.

Subsequently over time the lack of “strong” vegetation permitted the elements to wear away the remaining defences & leave us where we are now with what is effectively an expensive problem to protect a few houses that in some cases created the problem in the first place.

Eventually we will, with global warming, need to withdraw to a defensible position.

Our time here is a drop in the ocean or a few grains of sand on the beach compared to the geological movement of Sand in Port Stephens.

I assume the council would be able to/& has already sourced old aerial &/or other photos of the area over a short period (100 years?) that would lend some credence to this theory?

Meanwhile, maybe council should plant some salt tolerant fast growing tall trees like Norfolk Island pines or vegetation similar to that on the rest of Jimmy’s Beach, the owners of those properties can be given a choice, lose the view or lose the house, seems an easy choice to me.

John Dodson
Hawks Nest

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