Free Health Check for Myall Men



ATTENTION all men, cometh the hour, cometh the man, it’s time to stop saying ‘I’ll be right mate’ and do something about your health and well being.

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The ‘Men’s Health Education Rural Van’ is coming to Tea Gardens, a perfect opportunity for men to get a check up from the neck up or the neck down, and it won’t cost a cent.

‘MHERV’ as it’s called is a purpose built caravan that travels the state dropping into to regional and rural areas to test men for signs of ill health.

“We all know that men are slow to go to the doctor to get something attended to that will ‘go away if I put up with it for a while’ attitude,” MHERV’s Operational Manager Barry Knowles said.

“These are the guys who drop dead in the pub, or in the paddock, because nobody saw it coming,” Barry said, “ and mherv has many times identified a life-threatening condition, and saved someone from an early death.”

The statistics are sobering when it comes to men’s health, around 41,000 Australian men die each year from preventable disease, that’s four men and four grieving families every hour.

Registered Nurse Robert Woolley is on board the travelling medical centre and will carry out non-invasive tests involving body mass, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar (diabetes).

MHERV is sponsored by Rotary and specifically targets towns where the average male population is aged 60 plus.

So ‘Man Up’ men of the Myall and head to the carpark of the Tea Gardens Library just next to the swimming pool between the hours of 10am and 4pm on Wednesday and Thursday 6 and 7 February, the trip could save your life.


By: Margie TIERNEY

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  1. A lot of men are at work during those hours. It’s a shame they couldn’t have at least one day with extended hours to include those who are at work 10am – 4pm weekdays.

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